BLM Seeks Desert District Advisory Council Nominations

MORENO VALLEY, Calif. - The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) California Desert District is soliciting nominations from the public for five members of its California Desert Advisory Council to serve three-year terms. The council’s 15 members provide advice and recommendations to the BLM on the management of more than 10 million acres of public lands in eight counties of Southern California.

Download BLM press release here.

New CTUC Map Apps Available!

The California Trail Users Coalition is pleased to announce that the CTUC’s Angeles National Forest and El Mirage Areas map and the San Bernardino National Forest and Barstow BLM map are now available for your iPhone!

The CTUC mobile map apps take the place of our popular paper maps. Enjoy the convenience of consulting your CTUC trail map anywhere, anytime, without adding any extra clutter to your glove compartment!

When used on a GPS-enabled iOS device, the CTUC map apps can display and update your position on the map in real-time as you travel -- even where there is no data service available!

Both CTUC mobile map apps contain helpful and up-to-date information such as OHV and back country rules and regulations, nearby towns with services, local agencies, hospitals and emergency services. Our “Discovery Points” feature includes photos and descriptions for scenic, historic, or otherwise important points of interest on the map, and shows you exactly where they are and how to get there.

The Angeles National Forest and El Mirage Areas map and the San Bernardino National Forest and Barstow BLM maps are available on iTunes for only $2.99 each.

2015 Spring Clean-up A Success!

Excellent weather and smiling faces greeted the roughly 100 volunteers who showed up for the annual Friends of El Mirage Spring Clean-up on Saturday, may 2nd. Members of the Southern California Timing Association, the Rough Wheelers OHV Club, the Wind Wizards Land Sailing club, and school kids from Barstow came to lend a hand in picking up trash and cleaning-up campsites.

This year the volunteers focused on the area between the western boundary fence and the lake bed. Recent rains meant the lake bed was closed, and provided an excellent opportunity to educate volunteers on the importance of staying off the playa surface when it’s wet in order to keep the surface smooth for high-speed activities.

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Quad Training Available at El Mirage!

Quad Training classes are being offered free of charge to all children aged 6-17 yrs old.

Classes will take place the second Saturday of every month.

For more information contact Nicole at 760-983-9471 or visit

Be On Designated Trails or ...

Local law enforcement officers are making sure that everyone stays on designated trails. Rangers and deputies are issuing tickets without warnings to people who are not riding on the designated open trails.

When a trail is not signed as a designated open OHV trail, it is closed to all motor vehicles.  Only trails with OHV route signs are open for OHV use.

Trails that are signed as closed or barricaded with posts are closed. Do not on that trail.  It is your responsible to know how trails are marked and to stay on a designated trail at all times.  The use of closed roads poses numerous hazards for motor vehicles, and needlessly damages sensitive natural and cultural resources.  Local law enforcement will not tolerate anyone on closed trails.

For maps and information on the designated trails in the greater El Mirage area, please visit or contact the Barstow Field Office.

It's Hot out There!

The summer heat in the desert can be a dangerous thing for outdoor enthusiasts.  It is important to understand the safety measures that must be taken during these hot summer months.  The temperature has been in the 90's in the El Mirage area in recent weeks.  It is important to remember these tips when recreating in the desert during the hottest months of the year.

Remember to drink plenty of water!  Carry water with you wherever you are recreating and drink it constantly.  It is best to drink 8 ounces every 30 minutes when you are constantly in the sun.  Symptoms of dehydration are not always easily identified and can be confused with other causes.  Water is the best way to keep your body cool and avoid heat-stroke.

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The Desert Discovery Center

The Desert Discovery Center (DDC) in Barstow, CA is a unique, non-profit organization which specializes in the promotion of education focused on natural, cultural and historic resources in and around the Mojave Desert.

The DDC involves several organizations including, but not limited to, the Bureau of Land Management and Barstow Unified School District.  The mission of this organization is to implement educational programs in the Mojave Desert to help the next generation become more aware of and concerned about their surroundings.

The DDC sponsors several programs including classes for students grades 3 through 5 to learn about biology, ecology, history and geology.  There is also a Junior Naturalist Educator Program, which gives volunteers an opportunity to learn how to teach these environmental education classes.  For more information about these programs call (760) 252-6060.